10/8/2018 Central North Dakota Duck Hunting Report

We are covered in birds right now 
The snow on Saturday brought in waves of birds -- since then the temp has stayed a consistent 30-38 degrees day and night and if anything more birds have arrived -- including the annual arrival of gadwalls. Predictably, hunters have been taking limits of ducks and our own hunters have filled all their swan tags.  Bags have consisted of mallards, gaddies, wigeon, BWT, GWT, scaup, redheads, a few cans and pintails. Just one pheasant has made its way to the cleaning shed along with two huns, but we are currently short on dogs so upland hunting has been a challenge.

It is a cold, muddy mess but I can't recall a time I have seen this many birds around us at the same time -- literally every pond or slough has a big pile of ducks on it. I suspect it is largely due to the snow, current eastern and southern winds and the low temps working together to get the birds here; our low water conditions has then concentrated them in the remaining sloughs and lakes. Locally we have lost about half our ponds to the autumn drought. Also, I have never seen so many large groups of swans. 

Hunted some PLOTS with the black dogs today for pheasant but only put up a handful of hens -- pheasants are down in our area.  Many local crops remain standing such as beans, corn and sunflowers so still plenty of places to hide. Field hunting in our area is spotty -- a few big mallard flights and dark geese using the fields but most birds are on the water.  Cranes have finally moved on; just a few left behind. Snows have just begun to show up. 

I expect this phenomenal duck hunting -- and it is nothing short of that -- will end later this week once the weather warms up a bit and our traditional NW winds return  -- and these birds head south. Check back later for periodic updates. For more frequent updates see: https://www.facebook.com/groups/northdakotahunting/
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